Urgent Dental Care

Urgent Dental Care

At the Worthington Dental Group, urgent care will always be provided when the need arises.

Our dentists will offer an assessment of your dental problem and consult with you about the best course of treatment. Restorative dental treatment, root canal therapy, or oral surgery, are some of the many treatment options, which can be immediately provided.

Dental emergencies such as sudden pain, a fractured tooth, or lost tooth should be addressed quickly in order to protect the integrity of the natural teeth.  At Worthington Dental Group we understand that accidents never happen when expected.  The dental team at Worthington Dental is here to help prevent these situations, but also to treat our patients with empathy and urgency.

Some of our urgent care dental services include:

Do you have a dental emergency? Call for same-day treatment: 614-885-2022.