Implant Dentistry

The Worthington Dental Group is the proud home of the Comprehensive Dental Implant Center (CDIC) – one of the few practices in Ohio offering all the necessary dental implant services in one location. Questions? Please contact our specialists’ staff today at!

The specialists and technology you need – all under one roof

No longer do you need to travel from office to office to complete your treatment. We surround you with a team of highly experienced specialists in a single state of the art environment.

  • Leading digital technology, with diagnostic 3d imaging, facilitates a predictable and precise outcome
  • Dental Specialists, in coordination with their dental support team, place the implants and complete the final restorations
  • Guided Implant Surgery results in a predictable, safe and efficient surgical procedure
  • Custom restorations are made in our Certified Dental Laboratory using contemporary, integrated technology
  • Oral or IV sedation administered to provide a safe and comfortable procedure
  • Dental Hygiene Therapists assure the long-term success and health of your new dental restoration

With our CDIC, no longer do you need to go to a different location and see a different specialist for each stage of dental implant placement. We have two prosthodontists, a periodontist and skilled general dentists on staff who work together to perform your entire procedure from start to finish.

A dental implant restoration replaces a missing tooth. It has a “root” below the gum and a “tooth” above the gum. Implants look and function like natural teeth making them the best treatment option, and long-term solution for teeth replacement. Since the 1980s, dentists have been utilizing dental implants to replace missing teeth. The doctors of the CDIC were some of the first dentists in Ohio to place dental implants. They have 30+ years of experience, successfully placing hundreds of them. The implant is made with extremely durable and long lasting materials. The “root” is titanium and the “crown” is porcelain. The implant becomes integrated into the bone giving it great strength to withstand the tremendous pressures exerted by the muscles of mastication (chewing). It functions like a natural tooth, and also feels solid and natural to the patient. The dental implant surpasses all other tooth replacement options. It differs from other teeth replacement options, like crowns and bridges, by actively preserving the bones of the upper and lower jaws. The CDIC team of specialists carefully evaluates every patient’s dental condition and makes the most appropriate recommendation.


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imageedit_57_2458306789Dental implants are proven to have a 98% success rate and research shows that implants are 8x’s stronger than natural teeth. If you have any interest in dental implant restoration, please call us for a complimentary consultation.

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