What You Should Know About Children's Dentistry

What You Need To Know

When To Bring a Child To Their First Dental Visit:

Most experts suggest that a child see a dentist following their first tooth or before their first birthday. The American Dental Association supports that these early dental visits are preventative in stopping future problems: Early visits can also help your child in the future by establishing a healthy relationship with oral hygiene.

We know that it can be anxiety-inducing to bring a child to a dental visit at such a young age. We encourage you to read about our pediatric dentist and what being a pediatric dentist means to learn more about how they prepare to see children from birth to eighteen years of age:

Finding A Dentist That’s Right For Your Child

It’s important to know that your children are in good hands. We urge you to consider the following when choosing a dentist for your family:

  • Does the doctor have experience and education in children’s dentistry?

  • Is the doctor trained in behavior management and child development?

  • Does the office offer special sedation services for children?

  • Are additional services for children under 18- such as athletic mouth guards and cosmetic procedures?

  • Is preventative care offered?

  • Can the office schedule the whole family for maximum convenience?

  • Is the experience fun for the child?

For your consideration: We can answer “Yes!” to all of these questions!

Scheduling Your Child’s First Dental Exam:

Let us make your child’s dental experience an amazing one!