Smile Analysis

Smile Analysis

Let Snap Smile reveal the future you!

The dental team at Worthington Dental Group is trained to evaluate your smile for aesthetic symmetry and beauty. You will have the opportunity to discuss your personalized smile assessment and visualize yourself with a new smile through our smile make-over program: Snap Smile.

What is Snap Smile?

A pain-free, non-invasive way to show you the results of a procedure without the commitment.

The process:

  • First, an assistant will take a photo of a patient’s current smile in order to:
  • Show the possible smile makeover results achievable with crowns or veneers, or;
  • Change the shade and/or shape of the teeth achievable with cosmetic procedures, or;
  • Close gaps/readjust teeth to show results achievable with teeth straightening systems, or;
  • Any combination of these possibilities!

Snap Smile is a convenient (and fun!) way to show patients their current smile side-by-side with the smile he or she could have in the future.