Worthington Ohio Denture Specialists

Why Dentures?

Dentures are recommended when all or some teeth are lost. We have the following options for patients who qualify for dentures:

Why Worthington Dental Group?

With our team of specialists, you receive personalized treatment and dentures of the highest quality. Our Doctors are internationally recognized for his work in restorative treatment and dentures. This level of quality and care will give you the ultimate denture comfort, durability, and appearance. 

The Process:

Our dentists will examine your mouth and the supporting bone structure of your jaw to recommend the type of denture that best suits you. Dentures are custom designed by your dentist and individually created in our dental laboratory. Many dentures can be completed in just two appointments.

Other Options:

If you are missing teeth, consider our implant dentistry services. Our Dental Savings Plan can help with the cost of replacing missing teeth at your convenience.