We make your child's experience a fun one!

What To Expect At A Child’s Dental Appointment

Take a tour first:

We often have families come to our office to “explore” before scheduling their first “real” appointment with the doctor. Families are encouraged to look around, familiarize themselves with The Shops at Worthington Place (featuring toy stores, children’s apparel stores, and an indoor play area!), and follow a guided tour through our office.

Registration Forms:

New patient paperwork can be completed ahead of time here or once you come into our office- no problem!

Your Child’s Dental Visit:

We know your child’s first visit to the dentist can be difficult to plan for and we want to let you know what to expect!

  • How to prepare your child: 

    • Practice regular dental hygiene with your child. This helps prepare them for a healthy life and also to have someone else move things around in their mouth! It’s important for children to practice independent teeth-brushing once capable, but you can motivate them!

    • We use gentle, positive, age-appropriate language with children. We want you to do the same! Avoid using words that may create anxiety for your child when preparing to take them to the dentist. Some of these words include: shot, pain, hurt, needle, surgery,  pull. Tell your child that we can answer any questions they might have and will move at a pace they are comfortable with, always.

  • Bringing your child to our office:

    • Your child may be nervous about coming to the dentist. Our doctors will do all they can to ensure a comfortable experience for your child. Our team of friendly staff loves when children are in our office- it makes the energy so positive! We all work together to bring you the ultimate in pediatric dental care.

    • You can now reduce your time in our lobby, which can sometimes be difficult for children! You can complete new patient paperwork online here.

    • We have a spacious lobby to meet your family’s needs, but while waiting for a family member to complete their appointment- take advantage of our location! There is an awesome play area upstairs in the mall and plenty of family-friendly restaurants, shops, and toy stores!

  • The first appointment:

    • We do not do any fillings or extractions during your child’s first appointment. We really take the time to get to know your child, introduce them to the process of visiting the office, and assess your child’s unique dental needs.

    • Feel free to come in the treatment room during your child’s appointment to assure them and become a part of the process!

    • At your first appointment, your child can expect to be treat like a prince or princess! We have TVs in each rooms (turned on to a channel at your request), a calming, gentle staff, and even children’s gifts!

    • Children will be gifted with a goodie bag, take a piece of “treasure” from our magic chest.

We like to build a relationship with the child, so that each time the child returns for a visit, he or she feels welcomed and surrounded by familiar faces.

We hope to exceed the expectations of your family when it comes to dentistry!