What is a Pedodontist?


Dr. Lucia is a pedodontist.

What Is A Pedodontist?

A pedodontist is a dentist who specializes in caring for children’s teeth. A pedodontist is often referred to as a pediatric dentist, although pedodontist is the more updated term. In short: a pedodontist is like a dental version of a pediatrician. A pedodontist cares for children from birth through adolescence and can perform all aspects of dentistry such as tooth extractions and filling cavities. Pedodontists often specialize in preventative dentistry and oral care maintenance.

It is important to note that a pedodontist requires the same amount of training as a general dentist. In addition, a pedodontist undergoes specialized pediatric training and accreditation.

Why Does My Child Need One?

In addition to being trained in dentistry, a pedodontist is trained in child development. Because of this, pedodontists are extremely knowledgeable in both pediatric oral health, but also behavior management.  Pedodontist are trained to meet the needs of the whole child as well as children with specials needs. Pedodontists can work with families to help children overcome dental or medical anxiety as well as alleviate any feelings of fear.

A pedodontist may also work with families to explain dental and oral health as it relates to child development in families. Given what we now know about how oral health and dental hygiene now affects overall health, pedodontists can be particularly useful. A pedodontist can give parents tips and techniques to use regarding the holistic well-being of a child, including nutrition and hygiene routines.