Periodontal Treatment

At the Worthington Dental Group, dental hygienists provide non-surgical periodontal treatment to prevent the progression of periodontal (gum) disease. If the periodontal disease is more severe, you will be referred to our periodontist for evaluation and treatment. Our dentists are experienced in minor surgical procedures which improve the contour, health, and overall appearance of your gums.

Our Periodontal Services:

Recent studies have proven the affect gum disease can have on overall systemic health. We pride ourselves on offering services to prevent and treatment gum disease which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other debilitating health problems. Ask about your overall periodontal health at your next appointment! We offer the following periodontal treatment services in our office:

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Patient Testimonials

“I have been having dental issues since August 2012 and Worthington Dental Group are the only ones who figured out what the issue truly was and now I will be pain free! Thank you to the entire staff there, I have already recommended you.”

— Eve

“Pleasant new surroundings. Staff is always welcoming and friendly. Love access to the mall for rewarding myself for visiting the dentist!”

— Susan

“Always a positive and painless experience!”

“Just wanted to thank you for (on very short notice) working in my mother-in-law today; we so appreciated Toni and Dr. Cunnningham’s quick repair of her broken bridge. It is this kindness, professionalism and expertise that mean so much to your patients. We will continue to recommend your office to anyone in need of dental care.”

“Everyone is so pleasant and helpful. There is no way my experience could be any better!! Especially the office staff.”

“Dr. Cunningham is a fantastic dentist. Over time he has re-done all of my old crowns and added new ones giving me a beautiful smile. He works with an in- house lab so everything is prompt and perfect. Most of his staff has been there the entire 12 years I have been a patient so they are very accomplished and and it speaks well of him as an employer.”

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