On-Site Certified Dental Laboratory

Our on-site certified dental laboratory is just one of the many examples of our dedication to our patients’ experience. With the doctors’ supervision, the dental laboratory contributes greatly to the treatment efficiency and perfection in the final result. To be certified, a dental laboratory must pass thorough inspections for cleanliness, infection control, and only use FDA-approved materials. Because of these rigorous quality demands and inspections, there are very few certified dental laboratories. Traditionally, all dental restorations are mailed to an offsite dental laboratory and returned by mail. What does this mean for you as the patient? This means that, in the typical dental office, the communication with the dental laboratory about specifics of fit and esthetics are limited to written instructions and telephone conversations, sometimes even outside of the United States. All dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures are fabricated at our facility. This reduces the waiting time to finish your treatment and enjoy your new teeth, but more importantly, this ensures that you are getting the best quality dental service from our highly-trained and professional staff.