Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures were the only option for the replacement of teeth before dental implants. Although dentures sound like the logical solution, they present many problems. Denture patients complain that their dentures tend to move during eating and speaking. The movement actually causes the erosion of the supporting gums and bone, resulting in a poor fit and pain. To counteract these problems, patients use a dental adhesive in an attempt to secure their denture. The adhesives tend to be messy and unpleasant and really have no lasting impact. A much better alternative to replace teeth is the Implant Supported Denture. This type of denture attaches to dental implants, which are anchored into the patient’s mandible and maxilla (lower and upper jaws). Implant Supported Dentures are vastly more secure and comfortable. They do not slip and slide in the mouth. Implant Supported Dentures also preserve the supporting bone structure, which prevents the collapse of the face, commonly seen with a non-implant supported denture. The doctors of the CDIC are very experienced with Implant Supported Dentures and pleased with the successful results for patients. If you are in need of a denture to replace your teeth, you should definitely consider an Implant Supported Denture. Call the CDIC today and schedule a complimentary consultation with our specialists.