“All-on-4” procedures are another restoration option for missing teeth. If you regularly wear dentures or are missing most or all of your natural teeth, All-on-4 may be the optimal treatment plan for you. The technology gets its name from the fact that it can support an entire arch of teeth using as few as four dental implants. This technology can be used on both the upper and lower jaw, and like regular dental implants, they look and function just like natural teeth. Not only can the All-on-4 procedure restore the look of your smile and the use of your teeth, but they are also helpful for stopping bone loss. When you are missing teeth, the bones of the upper and lower jaw beneath them will atrophy (wear away). These implants can thus stop bone deterioration and fix the “sunken” facial look that many individuals experience when they are missing teeth. The All-on-4 restoration differs somewhat from regular dental implant procedures. The steps required for the All-on-4 are quicker than for regular implants, and the arch of new teeth can be added quickly; sometimes the same day the implants are placed.