When Is it Time for a Teeth Cleaning?

The majority of Americans underestimate the importance of preventative dental care. When it comes to oral health, continuity is key for people young and old alike. While there are certain physical symptoms that let you know that it’s time for a cleaning, only your general dentist can determine what’s right for you and your unique smile.

Most importantly, it’s imperative that individuals of all ages undergo a comprehensive dental exam every time they visit the office. Detecting early problems before they escalate into an urgent situation can save your family precious money and offer you peace of mind in the long run.

How Often Should I Go For a Cleaning?

On average, most people follow a regular schedule of two cleanings per year. Professional cleaning removes built-up plaque and tartar, prevents cavities, and helps ward off gingivitis, periodontal disease and other common oral afflictions. Smart hygiene practices coupled with your hygienist’s expert polishing results in a happy, healthy smile.

What is a Dental Exam Like?

In addition to much-needed cleaning, your dentist will perform a complete physical exam to detect any underlying oral abnormalities. A proper screening will include a check for gum disease, cancer and other teeth, tissue and general mouth problems that may significantly impact your overall health if ignored.

Oftentimes, your dentist will take digital X-rays and may perform other assessments to help uncover potentially serious issues before symptoms even surface. Finally, your consultation should also include a thorough discussion of your hygiene habits, medical history, tips for care and any changes you’ve perceived in your oral health.

What Symptoms Tell Me it’s Time for a Check Up?

By the time you experience physical symptoms of gum disease or another oral complication, it may be too late. But it’s still important to take note of what your mouth is telling you when you experience numbness, sensitivity, aches, bad breath, swelling or problems chewing and swallowing.

If you notice a change in your typical oral condition, always see your general dentist for an exam. The earlier you catch problems, the easier they are to treat effectively in terms of speed and cost.

Where Can Families Go for the Best Dental Exam in Central Ohio?

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The Worthington Dental Group is dedicated to spreading awareness for general dental education and the importance of seeking professional screening on the regular. Stop by or contact the office to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dental care professionals today.