Our Dental Savings Plan

Our Dental Savings Plan

The Worthington Dental Group Savings Plan is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care. Whether you’re without dental insurance or aren’t satisfied with your current coverage, we know you’ll find our plan beneficial to you.

To meet the needs of our patients, we offer monthly payments or a one-time annual fee for maximum convenience. Check out the savings (scroll down for more information on the Savings Plan Plus):

Savings Program

For even more coverage, consider the Worthington Dental Group Savings Plan Plus. Our “Plus” plan has all of the benefits of our savings plan, plus added coverage on many of our services. The total annual cost to add the Savings Plan Plus to our basic Dental Savings Plan is only $199. Check out more information below:
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We believe in providing high-quality care to everyone at a price they feel is worth the investment. Call today to find out if our Savings Plan(s) can work for you!

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